How it Works

Service/Immigration Canada sets the wage rate for temporary foreign worker caregivers.  The cost of a caregiver ranges from $2,250 to $3,000 per month (30-40 hours per week less room and board).  This includes payroll deductions for the employer and employee.

Caregivers can live in or live out.  Often a family needs more than 40 hours per week and they hire two caregivers to share the job. This works very well and allows for someone to be available at all times.

Sometimes there is funding available to assist families who need financial assistance.  Choice in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL) is a self-directed option for eligible home support clients. Ask your local health authority or check online to learn more about CSIL.

Caregivers are covered by the B.C. Employment Standards Act. Your caregiver must be given at least 30 hours per week and they must be paid overtime for more than 40 hours per week. Statutory holiday pay, two weeks paid vacation, WCB and Revenue Canada payments are also mandatory. We can help you find a bookkeeper if you don’t have one.

You are not obligated to keep your caregiver if your situation changes, but you must give minimum two weeks’ notice of termination. Your caregiver is allowed to find work with another employer, with suitable notice given.

Caregivers must have their own room with a lock on the door, furniture and internet access if they are living in.  We can help organize schedules and draft a job description that will meet Service/Immigration Canada requirements.  We want the employer/employee relationship to be positive for both parties and will be here to assist in any way we can.